What happens when a case of mistaken identity drops The Dude (Jeff Bridges) into a seedy world of kidnapping? The Coen Brothers helm an all-star supporting cast (John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro, Julianne Moore, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Elliot & the late Ben Gazzara) in a twisted, quirky and darkly hilarious comedy of what has now become a cultural movement (The Dude) and asks us if there really is more to life than bowling, "white russians" and abiding.. PICTURE:

This picture comes on a VC-1 Encode, 1080P, with an Aspect Ratio of 1:85:1

Once again there are no invading aliens or transforming robots, but a robust, vibrantly coloured presentation, a big step up from the DVD, with solid fine detail, "Gutterballs" in particular is gorgeous showcasing the talents of Roger Deakins. This is a strong transfer but not flawless.



The sound is a DTS Master Audio 5.1 (French DTS 5.1 included) with English SDH, French & Spanish subtitles. What we are delivered here is a sound presentation from Blu-ray heaven, there are the occasional dynamic burst where the LFE channel flexes its muscles, but one of the hidden gems of this film is the Soundtrack: The Gypsy Kings rendition of Hotel California, Dylan, Elvis Costello, even Kenny Rogers drops in to check what condition your condition is in. The sound stage engulfs you with a warmth that pleases. The dialogue so important in a Coen's film is precise, clear and will more than satisfy.

Rating: [rating=4] and a half


The bar fully stocked here, so many features it's hard to mention them all, but "a making of'", a 10 year retrospective, and a feature on the "Achievers" definitely the highlights, plus U-Control which allows a scene companion (watch behind the scenes footage PIP), Music of the Big Lebowski (instant identification of the songs heard on screen) and Mark It, Dude (An on screen counter that keeps score of F-bombs and Dudes mentions). If its special features you're after then this release abides.

Rating: [rating=4]


The Big Lebowski provides us with another example of what makes blu-ray so great, a complete package with fantastic picture/sound/features (the Digi-book packaging is a total treat, while they last), its a must have! I don't know what else to say except get it already..

Well thats um,  just like… my opinion… man.

The Big Lebowski US (Standard & Ltd Ed Digi-book Edition) was released Aug 16th 2011

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