A freak tsunami tears through an idyllic Gold Coast setting, spewing forth a cascade of water and all that the sea beholds.  As this is destroying the city we know and love, our heroes and villians are all in an underground shopping centre for various reasons.  The water hits and they’re forced to fight against the elements, plus two great big fuck-off sharks. Bait 3D is the new feature by Kimble Rendall and he’s something of a B-movie pro, having directed the horrific Cut back in 2000 starring our Kylie.  Since then he worked on a bunch of massive films (The Matrix, I, Robot) as a 2nd Unit Director before trying his hand at features once more.

Reading the plot synopsis you’re going to ultimately surmise this is a dumb film, and it really, really is, but it’s also a heap of fun.  As an introduction to the screening Rendall encouraged us all to cheer and shout and do whatever we felt like at the screening, making it very clear this was a self-aware popcorn flick.  And fun we had.

The credits read like a Neighbours/Home & Away cast reunion with Phoebe Tonkin, Lincoln Lewis, Sharni Vinson and a few others making hilarious appearances.  Julian McMahon also stars inexplicably in a role that is basically Bad Guy #1 with a few more speaking opportunities.  Dan Wyllie shines through as McMahon’s henchman, his forced enunciation of words causing everyone around me to burst into laughter with every line.

Keep your critical hat at home for this one.  Unlike Expendables 2 that forgot to let you enjoy it, Bait 3D is a heap of fun.  The acting is hammy and the lines occasionally feel like bad overdubs but it’s all part of the B-grade package Rendall wants us to munch popcorn over.  And then make drinking games too for the home release.


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Director: Kimble Rendall

Writer: John Kim & Russell Mulcahy

Starring: Phoebe Tonkin, Lincoln Lewis, Julian McMahon

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