Horror Master John Carpenter's THEY LIVE is finally on blu-ray & thanks to Shout Factory let us all rejoice! Carpenter turns his hand to Sci-Fi bringing us a world where the Aliens have already arrived, settled & assimilated…our hopes lay squarely in the hands of a knock-a-bout drifter with a serious volume problem Nada (Roddy Piper) & his skeptical work buddy Frank (Keith David) who has a smile that would make a piano envious!

This film makes no beg-pardons, nor should it as it body-slams its way through invader ass, hoping to free an unwitting human race from enslavement of body, mind & soul. With sunglasses a necessity not a fashion statement and a constant supply of smash-mouth action to keep you entertained, all the while Carpenter's deeper message of social decay & greed resonates delivering a message that makes you think and "bleed" a little at the same time.


MPEG-4 AVC, 1080P Ratio 2:35:1

They Live is finally presented in "Scope", no more of these phony 1:85:1's and it was well worth the wait. This presentation is to be applauded, rich vibrant colours, stunning detail which handles the many crosses from black & white to colour with aplomb. It has some minor issues now & then but They Live has never looked better and had me smiling like Charlie Sheen at a strip club.

[rating=4] and a half


DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 & DTS HD Master Audio 2.0, Subtitles English.

The 5.1 lossless soundtrack is hearty, deep and often aggressive. Bass did overpower on occasion like a stroker with 3 subs in the boot of his WRX, but didn't detract too much from a generally warm soundstage. You won’t be blown away but you should be more than happy, very happy. I also loved the fact it was presented in original 2.0, which also sounded great.

An easy [rating=4]


Not overloaded, but a decent swag, highlights being an Audio commentary with the Master & Roddy Piper, new interviews with Carpenter (it is an absolute belter), Keith David & the lady with the eyes Meg Foster. There's also a previously released Making Of. Plus the all new "retro" look artwork (original on the reverse of the slick) which is all kinds of amaze-balls! Overall if you count the packaging its a [rating=3] and a half.


This blu-ray came to you to kick ass, no bubblegum necessary, a task it achieves & you don't need to be a Carpenter fan to love this one either.  Shout Factory has shown this release love, sweet sweet love, Barry White playing in the background love! This might be my favourite blu-ray release of the year so far, it comes highly recommended, even if its Region A locked (get a multi-region player already),

[rating=4] and a half everyday of the week & twice on Sunday..

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