Back in 1988 the Chiodo Brothers released the 50's B-Movie inspired Sci-Fi/Horror Killer Klowns From Outer Space (KKFOS), the film has since earned itself Cult Classic status & a Blu-ray Release & with a mooted 3D sequel tentatively set for 2013 its time to get knee deep in Klowns, damn dirty Klowns! I've long held a believe that Klowns are as close to pure EVIL as devilishly possible & this film goes a long way to reinforcing the fact that those filthy make-up clad demons are up to no good.. now that of my chest KKFOS delivers the old small town faced with Galactic Invaders theme with a Circus-inspired twist, the aliens look  just like clowns, well Klowns that is. They come in all shapes, sizes and have a taste for humans. It’s here where The Chiodo's weave their magic, the inspired Creature creators unleashed a mob of the creepiest, sadistic Klowns you're likely to find anywhere in the solar system. Of course the people of Bum-sex nowhere are ill equipped to handle the invaders but a band of mis-matched locals will fight to the last balloon animal wielding hell spawn is sent packing.


MPEG-4 AVC 1080P, Ratio 1:84:1

For a rather obscure back catalogue I gotta say I was well impressed. The picture is full of bright vibrant colours, strong finer detail and with an overall softish look which suits. It’s not without its problems but delivers way above expectations. Lets face it, Klowns are a rather colourful lot & this presentation captures all the spectrum of the rainbow, the blacks are less convincing but its well worth a [rating=3] and a half.


DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0, French DD 2.0. Subtitles English SDH, Spanish

Its a pretty much basic vanilla presentation here. Dialogue is handled at a decent level, little trace of an aggressive sound stage & theres a bit of a problem a little after 15 minutes in, it doesn't last long & doesn't ruin it but its worth mentioning. So where we were spoiled with the Video, we got about what I expected with Audio, [rating=2] and a half sounds about right.


Again we've been treated well here, Commentary with the Chiodos, a Making Of, a Visual Effects featurette & loads more cool stuff. Extremely pleasing & it’s all regions which is certainly worth a point. All in it’s a good slug of extras & well worth a [rating=4].


This 1 may be a guilty pleasure, but if you love the B-Grade classics of the 50s/60s this wont be too far off the mark with you, an edition that punches well above its weight, happy to recommend it & it deserves a [rating=3] and a half, now I gotta go wash the Klown off me….

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