Before we left behind the cultural phenomenon that was the 80's, 1989 delivered us two of the most righteous phone booth time travellers we've been graced with.. no Doctor Who crusty dude its not you, its (Alex Winter) Bill S Preston Esq. & (Keanu Reeves) "Ted" Theodore Logan.. and its a truly most excellent adventure!Our story centres around 2 San Dimas High School underachieving students, Bill & Ted, who many years into the future have become the inspiration for the "perfect society" based on the music of their band Wyld Stallyns. Now to say that the band has yet to hit their peak , is like saying the Mac Rib is yet to take its place amongst culinary greatness.. Our dude-namic duo are about to be permanently seperated by Ted's bogus & disciplinarian father, unless they pass their "oral" history exam. What can save them.. a trip back into time to grab up a collection of history's most significant & excellent fugues with a time machine lent to them by mentor from the future Rufus (George Carlin). Napoleon at a Water Park, Royal Ugly dudes, Soh-Crates & Billy the Kid cruising chicks at the mall, its all there & totally or should i say simply irresistible as our "heroes" defy the odds & put on a crowd winning presentation to save the day & even get the girls.

PICTURE: MPEG-4 AVC, 1080P, 2:35:1 Aspect Ratio. Much to my surprise and general happiness this is a most bodacious presentation. MGM have stepped up, a solid, vibrant and clean picture. Yes it may expose a little the dated yet cool effects, but there's a lot to like about it. Its a little "soft" in places but my feel is this is more a print problem than the transfer. All in I feel its sure to please, party on… [rating=4].

SOUND: English DTS Master Audio 5.1, Spanish Dolby Digital 1.0 The upgraded lose-less soundtrack is a pleasure indeed. There's plenty of snap, crackle and boom. The soundscape is engulfing at times, with solid split surrounds and clear, precise dialogue. The odd moment dialogue does dip slightly, mostly in the inside the phone booth scenes but this is quality, a [rating=4] again.

FEATURES: The highlights are The Original Bill & Ted (conversation with the creators), Guitar tutorial with Bjorn Turoque and an episode of the 90s Bill & Ted animated series.  It's not a huge haul but reasonable so a [rating=2] and a half seems about right.

OVERALL: Look Bill & Ted has always been a little silly, maybe even too for some, but if you're a fan  its never looked or sounded better, overall score.. 69 dudes, no wait [rating=3] and a half. Now be excellent to each other, oh and its All Region too so grab a copy, highly recommended.

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