There's guilty pleasures, then there's caught with the smoking gun in hand guilty pleasure, then there's Miami Connection. What happens when a martial art instructor enlists the help of friends and students to make a "movie" with no script and no actors.. possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen (I laughed so HARD something went crack in my throat!). The story, if there is one, centres around "Rock Band" Dragon Sound and their constant run-ins with the Miami underworld, which includes a group of Ninjas who ride motor cycles.. but wait there's more. Dragon Sound are all martial artists and orphans.. yet a sub-plot of the movie involves one of the "orphans" re-uniting with the father he never knew. This is fun pure fun, running around in circles till you're giddy fun, pee-ing in public pool fun, so lets check out some real B-grade treasure. VIDEO: MPEG-4 AVC, 1080P, 1:85:1 Ratio. Okay, this film carries a disclaimer as to its quality, the negative was all bar lost in a hurricane, they've "done" their best with what they've had.. considering this film got its big break when Texas based Alamo Draft House cinema bought a print of E-Bay for $50; what can you expect. This is low grade stuff, clear to see major differences in quality through out the transfer, artifacts, noisy & washed out colours. But & I say but, this in some way all contributes to the experience, so what would normally be a one, lifts slightly to a [rating=2].

SOUND: Dolby Digital 2.0 (Packaging list DTS MA 2.0 incorrectly) Subtitles: English SDH. This is some truly sketchy sound, (Note is not DTS MA as labelled), scratchy but again kinda what you'd expect from a 1987 movie. There's an 80s synthesiser soundtrack that'd make Jan Hammer all bulgy and the live performances of Dragon Sound (with a John Oates look-a-like in tow), is a true non-event; ultimately reminding us of the festering legacy of some the worst of the 80s. Again could score lower but a [rating=2] again.

FEATURES: Well its a case of being spoilt for choice here, Commentary, Making Of, Alternate Ending, Deleted Scenes, Fantastic Fest Dragon Sound Re-union and more. And it even includes a booklet and retro artwork which will surely please, highly pleasing, [rating=4].

OVERALL: Its like being served Roast Leg of Spam for Christmas dinner and it being one of the tastiest meals you've had.. alright maybe thats a stretch, as a product its a [rating=2], but as a personal experience its a [rating=4] and comes highly recommended, now I'm gunna watch it again, because there is never too much of Motor Cycle Ninjas, never...

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