HIT AND RUN When getaway driver "Charlie Bronson's" (Dax Shepard) time in witness protection is cut short after his identity is blown, what ensues is a rubber-melting gasoline-burning muscle car road chase, where seat belts are not optional and everything will change.. even Charlie's name! When Charlie or should we say Yul Perkins's girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell) is offered her dream job in LA, Yul offers to pull the cover of his "ride" and drive her there much to the protest of clumsy US Marshall Randy Anderson (Tom Arnold). But when Annie's ex-husband who still carries a flame for her finds out, his poking around leads to him revealing to Yul's scorned former partner Alex Dimitri (Bradley Cooper) Yul's  plans and approximate location, you better buckle up, its gunna be a bumpy ride!

In a throwback to the 80's car chase films the story line is simple, lets keep the revs high, the tyres smoking & the action flowing.. Hit & Run delivers, also with some laughs along the way too, supported by a couple of cool cameos from Jason Bateman & Sean Hayes. Also Beau Bridges (the Dude's brother) and Kristin Chenoweth pop by to provide some added spark. Though this is predominantly a car chase film the full circle of Yul's & Annie's relationship unfolds as both struggle to come to grips with the real person Yul was and is today. A high octane thrill ride awaits as our "hero" and his girl run the gauntlet both physically and emotionally.. vroom vroom!


MPEG-4 AVC 1080p Ratio 2:40:1

Universal have provided a strong visual presentation, shot mainly in the open spaces, the sun drenched scenery & polished paint of the cars glisten. The colours are vibrant, finer detail is spot on, with occasional ever so slightly softish scene being present, no other real problems avail themselves. There is plenty to be happy with here..

[rating=4] and a half


DTS-MASTER AUDIO 5.1, Subtitles- English SDH, French & Spanish.

This is a quality soundtrack, dialogue is sharp & clear, the engine revs are thundering, you can almost smell the fumes. Where the track falls a bit short is in the surround.. the rears kick occasionally to let you know they're but for a fast paced action film its just a little shy of what I expected. Not to say its not enjoyable, the LFE is very aggressive at times but in this case more would've been MORE. Solid if not overpowering but worthy [rating=4]


A few short vignettes & some deleted scenes which don't amount to much, I smell vanilla which is great when you're talking ice-cream, not extras, its open region which is a plus but its a little weak, [rating=1] and a half


This film didn't hit with everyone, I dug it, as it was fun and I'm a sucker for a good car chase, but as a overall presentation it looks great and sounds good, the features are slightly sparse, so overall a [rating=3] and a half, recommended.

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