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Oh boy… Angels of Evil is the most unintentional smash-hit comedy of the year. It is based on the true life of Italy’s most notorious gangster Renato Vallanzasca as we follow his reign of criminal terror from the happening 70’s to the rad 80’s.

What makes Angels of Evil so laughable is the production value; the pacing, the acting – where to begin really. Like a spoof in a sketch of the most stereotyped Italians in existence wrapped up in bright Grand Theft Auto Vice City garb, Angels of Evil is surely a piss-take? Nope; it moves forward with implicit seriousness. It has drama in spades; daddy issues, relationship problems, societal woes but these are all addressed and dismissed amidst a volley of breasts, bullets and bad fashion.


Renato (Kim Rossi Stuart) is an interesting self-destructive figure that remains central to the story and justified by his confident swagger, but his cronies, the Ocean’s 11 of Italian crime are painfully one-note and barely justifiable as human beings.

Imagine a scenario of a groovy party scene, Austin Powers would blush – the characters dance about, give each other cocky self-assured glares and hand gestures and talk with bloated self-importance and add in as many ‘Ayyyy’s’ as they can muster. I thought I was watching the blooper reel but no this is the 70’s man, and it was far out, in Italy…

Completely terrible stereotypes aside, Angels of Evil is also terribly paced; following Renato’s rise and fall and rise and fall and fall and fall and possibly rise as he commits crimes, bank robbing and shooting guns, and enlisting more men and busty babes to aid his cause. In one line that had me in stitches he justifies hiring a professional who he describes as ‘a wizard with a machine gun’ really!? Who says that, do you even need skills to spray bullets everywhere?!


'Stache counting their stash

I digress. Angels of Evil is such a bad film, but such a lads film that the DVD cover has a quote by Nuts magazine on the back. You look at the film expecting Carlos, Baader Meinhof Complex, Munich or any number of sublime period crime films of its time – what you get is a high school play draft. Hilarious and brain draining stupid, Angels of Evil is best enjoyed with many beers and blokey mates.

[rating=2] and a half

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Angels of Evil is out now on DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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