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As I furiously type this review out with no corrections I ponder how one would actually go about reviewing a perennial masterpiece of absurdity the likes of live-action has rarely seen? Do I got the boring analysis route, highlighting the plot, or lack thereof and highlights? Do I treat it like a product review? Do I review the darn thing clip-art or JIFS? Maybe dot points? How about them all ya dingus!


Clipart Review: 5 stars!


  • An Adult Swim show, no kiddies!
  • After Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Check It Out was to be a fictionalized ‘news’ show starring spin-off star from the fictional Channel Five news Dr. Steve Brule played brilliantly by thespian John C. Reilly
  • It is an 11 minute comedy show that is utterly absurd with intentionally bad production value mimicking an early 90’s VHS taped bad reception cable show
  • It explores not only the gross and absurd nature of the topics Steve picks to analyse, but also his own psychosis and emotional states which are extremely unstable and disturbing to say the least
  • Infinitely quotable, and always hilarious – my favourite live-action comedy absurdism just behind Eagle Heart
  • Just check it out!


We're all gonna die dummies

This is Dan Drungus with a Channel Five news update; Madman have released the awesome show’s Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule both seasons on the one disc DVD boxed plastic case set. It has disc(s) and lots of extras. Episodes include Steve facing his intense fear of pruppets, finding his (fake) dad and finding out his mother poisoned his sandwiches when he was a little boy. Steve goes doctor to doctor, investigates why he can’t be cool, have friends, and be a hunk. Joins a hunk bear group of male dancers, and tries to eat sushi which is just cat scraps everybody knows it. I have seen this show an unhealthy amount of times – it’s the fractured protagonist you can’t help but love, and take under your bosom, like a bird with no wings.


Here’s some quotes and advice from the doc to get ya going:

  • Some dad’s aren’t your dad
  • Boobies taste like roast beef
  • How come I have to be a dronkey?
  • Just another HUNK
  • And many more out-of-context words!

The extras are great, the episodes are great “just what are you doing surfin’ the yahoos ya bimbo, get off the innernents and down to the DEEVEEDEE shop and just buy it you dingus! [rating=5] – for your health!

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