Pictured: Justice

Eagleheart is Walker Texas Ranger meets Twilight Zone with smatterings of Adult Swim’s absurdity and a deft touch from Conaco (Conan O’Brien’s production company).

US Marshall Chris Monsanto (Chris Elliott, ‘oh that guy’ that you have seen in many a film) kills the shit out of injustice with his ultra-violent and unorthodox methods. He gets the job done and is joined by sidekicks the LADY agent Susie (Maria Thayer who takes a lot of flak for her gender) and Brett the creep (Brett Gelman). Each episode is 11 minutes which gives the show plenty of time to present an absurd premise and have Chris utterly ruin it, somehow leading to a win for justice along the way.

Pictured: Jus-tice?

While the second season of this ‘special’ show is far more bizarre and superior to the first, it is still a lot of fun and has some particularly memorable episodes. One of the best in the series is when criminals discover that there are no laws in the sky and thus conduct drug transactions on trampolines and more pertinently live on Cloudtopia, a crime-filled zeppelin in the sky.

Not to spoil the surprises of how utterly ridiculous this show gets but I’d be remiss if I didn’t add the episode ‘Danger: Mountain Lions’ that defies all belief in the lengths it goes – there are more episodes in this vein in season two.

While season one is slightly less insane there is also more character development, erm, un-development as Suzie and Brett get the spotlight and demonstrate how damaged and deranged they really are.

I was not kidding about the violence this show takes it to ‘12’ with over-the-top deaths and overpowered martial arts. Of course it is all hilarious, the trio have amazing chemistry and awkward comic timing that works every time. Chris has some of the worst/best catch phrases in the history of action-comedy television including dressing as a doctor to tell a gangster about his autopsy report. ‘It says you were strangled to death’ he quips before shooting him in the face.

Or teaching it... then shooting it in the face

The DVD is standard Adult Swim fare and the extras are great padding out the little amount of episodes that are there, although to be fair it’s a very re-watchable show.

Extras include 20 commentary tracks, deleted scenes and outtakes, scenes from never aired pilot featuring Conan O’Brien, NY comic-con panel with season 2 sneak peek, kill reel and promos. The episode with Conan is just as funny as the others on the disc and the commentary is also excellent with mostly Chris Elliott talking and joking.

Eagleheart is great, at this stage if you are into absurd Adult swim comedy you will love it, bearing in mind that season two is almost perfect – but there is still lots to love and laugh at here.


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