Film Review

REVIEW: Dracula Untold (Gary Shore - 2014)

Also, what part of the Dracula legend is 'Untold'? Besides Bram Stoker's original 1897 novel, there have been some 79 films over the past 100-years that have been about Dracula and his real-life inspiration Vlad the Impaler. That seems like a tale pretty well fucking told to me...

REVIEW: The Canyons (Paul Schrader - 2013) - 2nd Opinion

The Canyons is Easton Ellis cannibalising himself, Schrader badly forging Drive and hack stunt casting of a walking appendage and a starlet that should have been in rehab.

REVIEW: RED 2 (Dean Parisot - 2013)

Unfortunately RED 2 suffers through protagonist Bruce Willis' lack of commitment to the performance that becomes so apparent that his seething 'I don't give a f*ck' attitude putrefies the film.

REVIEW: ELYSIUM (Neill Blomkamp – 2013) - 2nd Opinion

The issue here isn't that the trailer was misleading but the opening twenty minutes was. The Occupy movement is worthy of the big screen treatment and everything hinted at this being the answer. Instead we’re offered a b-grade sci-fi action movie that doesn't pursue the very questions it asks in the beginning.

REVIEW: The Conjuring (James Wan - 2013)

In dedicating his films to the past, Wan is having a hell of a time but it’s not resulting in anything overly great. His audience loves his low-budget, simple approach (if the $100m-plus box office takings are any indication) and so they should: his uncomplicated style is charming and easily approachable.

REVIEW: Wadjda [Sydney Film Festival]

Beautifully crafted, admirably honest and unwaveringly optimistic, Wadjda, tells a sweet and uplifting tale of the earnest belief in life’s potential and teenage independence within a strict conservative culture.

REVIEW: Museum Hours [Sydney Film Festival]

As one observes the fine details of a painting, writer/director Jem Cohen studies everyday Vienna and the core friendship of his latest feature, Museum Hours, with a pleasant sense of naturalism.

REVIEW: Computer Chess [Sydney Film Festival]

Comprised of raw black and white images captured by an ancient Sony video camera, Computer Chess is pretty much what you would expect to see if you were an observer at a convention-come-tournament such as the one depicted in the film.

REVIEW: Mistaken For Strangers [Sydney Film Festival]

Mistaken For Strangers is an entertaining documentary. It is frequently funny and of course the music is great. What can’t be overlooked is that a portion of the 80 minute run time is the editing process bleeding into the film.

REVIEW: Cinema Jenin: The Story of A Dream

Cinema Jenin is an enlightening documentary account of a tightrope evasion of political, cultural and economic obstacles to resurrect a decrepit Palestinian cinema.


THERESE DESQUEYROUX is an early feminist suffrage text, except instead of the heroine suffering it’s the audience.

REVIEW: Iron Man 3 (2013)

The tie-ins to The Avengers and the Marvel Universe add a layer to the story’s context and hero, but Iron Man 3 remains a competent stand-alone adventure.