One of the most racially and sexually progressive films of the past decade, Magic Mike XXL goes a lot deeper than the pelvic thrusts of its stars by offering a hilarious and fluid road trip movie that dominates the first instalment in every measurable way.


REVIEW: jOBS (Joshua Michael Stern - 2013)

[A]fter you’ve acknowledged “wow, that really does look like him” an eerieness starts to pervade: it’s just Ashton Kutcher with a beard.


When you're reading or experiencing historically significant event/crises, you often wish that you could be a fly on the wall in the halls of power to observe those tasked with making the tough and occasionally world changing decisions. Well, documentary filmmaker Dror Moreh does just that shining a light on the evolution of the Israeli/Palestinian relations since the 'Six Day War' 1967 through the succession of six former heads of the 'Shin Bet' - Israel's Secret Service.

REVIEW: Father's Chair (Luciano Moura - 2012)

Grounded in the importance of valuing your family above all and with an optimistic outlook on national togetherness, director Moura delves into the emotionally challenging relationships between parents and children, and how our destiny is defined by the relationships we cherish most.

REVIEW: We're the Millers (Rawson Marshall Thurber -2013)

We're the Millers is way funnier and entertaining than it should be. There's lightning wit, meta self-awareness and Farrelly Bros. level (There's Something About Mary) testicle humour that guarantee you'll get your money's worth.

REVIEW: ONLY GOD FORGIVES (Nicholas Winding Refn - 2013)

Only God Forgives stays with you like a traumatic memory but the sickening violence appears composed as haunting flashes of sublime beauty; reverberating long after you've finished viewing.

REVIEW: ELYSIUM (Neill Blomkamp – 2013) - 2nd Opinion

The issue here isn't that the trailer was misleading but the opening twenty minutes was. The Occupy movement is worthy of the big screen treatment and everything hinted at this being the answer. Instead we’re offered a b-grade sci-fi action movie that doesn't pursue the very questions it asks in the beginning.

REVIEW: La Playa D.C (Juan Andres Arango Garcia’s – 2012)

Juan Andres Arango Garcia’s feature film debut, exquisite urban drama La Playa D.C., which screened as part of the Un Certain Regard lineup at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

REVIEW: Elysium (Neill Blomkamp - 2013)

Blomkamp's follow-up ELYSIUM comes with a bigger budget, stars and targets a bigger audience; while the narrative broadens his vivid humanistic voice and striking vision remains.

REVIEW: Beyond the Hills (Christian Mungiu - 2012)

Beyond the Hills isn’t easy to forget, and though I doubt I will ever watch it again, Mungiu re-proves he is one of Europe’s best filmmakers.

REVIEW: Pain and Gain (Michael Bay - 2013)

Pain and Gain begins with bodybuilder Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg) grunting the words “I’m hot! “I’m big!” Coincidentally the film’s director Michael Bay probably chants the same mantra to himself each morning.

REVIEW: Call Girl (Mikael Marcimain - 2013) [Melbourne International Film Festival]

Full of tension, immaculate detail and a cracking conspiracy Call Girl is a phenomenal film that I will not stop raving about anytime soon.

REVIEW: Now You See Me (Louis Letterier – 2013)

There is a sense of aura about magic shows, and even though we know that what we are watching is reliant on misdirection, there is a sense of satisfaction that arises from being fooled.