triple j Application Reviews: "La La Land," "The Get Down" and "The Phantom Menace."

triple j Application Reviews: "La La Land," "The Get Down" and "The Phantom Menace."

Marc Fennell has done something beyond great. Juggling parenthood, writing and publishing two successful movie books, co-hosting The Feed on VICELAND SBS (where he’s evolving into one of Australia’s best interviewers), the Walkley award winning podcast ‘Download This Show’, new diverse media initiatives (and probably twelve other jobs I’ve missed), and finally his role as the voice of movies on Australian youth’s musical lifeline triple j; I’m sensing that he’s possibly a replicant. His greatest gesture is that he’s not only deciding to step away as our triple j voice of movies at the peak of his powers, but that he’s influenced that role to continue on in his retirement as the custodian for movie and media reviews on the j’s.  It’s such a rarity that any role as a critic would build a platform and THEN allow a new voice to occupy that space. Like his new diversity initiative that applies the same perspective, he’s planting seeds to trees whose shade he’s never going to sit under. It’s admirable, it’s Marc and it’s very ‘Christian Bale’ Batman. 

Now make no mistake; he’s half Tina Turner from ‘thunderdome’ and half Willy Wonka inciting a squall of critical voices attempting to inherit the mantle. Applications closed on Monday at midnight and triple j are scouring through more than one thousand applications. I thought I’d let you know, I applied.

Now, why? Why apply? Because why the hell not, that’s why. The brief and the format of the application is here if you’re curious. 

And here are my reviews. I’d love you to listen and let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

Now while Marc’s hanging in a Cafe in Florence, on the banks of the Arno, hanging with his Catwoman (and their youngsters), tipping his hat to Alfred; I’m  hoping that I’ve done enough to be opening a duffel bag and going on a tour into his recently vacated Bat-cave. 

If not, I’ll be here at GwP. Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel. 

Blake Howard is a writer, a podcaster, the editor-in-chief & co-founder of Australian film blog Graffiti With Punctuation. Beginning his criticism APPRENTICESHIP as co-host of That Movie Show 2UE, Blake is now a member of the prestigious Online Film Critic Society, sways the Tomato Meter with Rotten Tomatoes approved reviews. See his articulated words and shrieks (mostly) here at and with & 2SER Sydney weekly on Gaggle of Geeks.